GATEX G –125 Standard
November 4, 2020

G-125 Classic

Reinforcing mesh for External Thermal Insulation Systems

Quality Gatex G125 Classic fiberglass mesh comes in rolls with a length of 50m and a height of 1m, weighing: 125g/m2. G125 Classic is designed to produce a reinforcing layer for under-plasters. G125 Classic fiberglass mesh is an essential element of the insulation system, which with its technical parameters reduces thermal deformation. It protects against mechanical damage to which the insulation system is subject during use. Applying fiberglass mesh allows creating a durable base under a layer of plaster. It prevents the formation of scratches and cracks on the facade layers. G125 Classic offers strong and stable fiber weaves creating a mesh, regular size of mesh openings ensures dimensional stability, quick and easy installation as well as high mechanical resistance.


  • Soft & flexible
  • Alkali-resistant
  • Slip proof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Anti-snag

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